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Preventive Maintenance

Santana Paving & Grading, Inc. preventative maintenance services

Preventive Maintenance

At Santana Paving and Grading, we work hard to help our customers plan for routine maintenance and extend the life of their pavement by tens of years. Preventive asphalt maintenance and maintenance of busy parking stalls, such as those at the front of your facility, are an integral way for property managers to proactively reduce liability and optimize pavement management. To help you take a long-term approach to pavement maintenance and management, we offer site inspections and consultations with an understanding that pavement in different conditions may require different maintenance options.

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Santana Paving & Grading can be contacted seven days a week, on nights, and on weekends to assure customer satisfaction and availability. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction in all phases of concrete installation, maintenance, and replacement. Thank you for visiting our site & we look forward to serving you!