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Asphalt Repair

Santana Paving & Grading, Inc. asphalt repair services in the Santa Cruz area

Asphalt Repair

Broken asphalt creates dangerous safety hazards for property visitors. Cracked pavement, driveways, and potholes, while unappealing, also reduce the value of your property or parking lot. Santana Paving and Grading is available to handle fully in-depth asphalt repair from San Francisco, California to Carmel Valley, California. Our team is well experienced in patching cracked or alligatored asphalt, removing and replacing damaged asphalt, filling potholes, and sealcoating and asphalt maintenance. No matter the state of your pavement deterioration, Santana Paving and Grading has the solution to fix broken pavement, properly install new asphalt, and help you maintain your property to withstand the natural elements for years to come.

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Santana Paving & Grading can be contacted seven days a week, on nights, and on weekends to assure customer satisfaction and availability. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction in all phases of concrete installation, maintenance, and replacement. Thank you for visiting our site & we look forward to serving you!