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Santana Paving & Grading, Inc.

About Us

Santana Paving & Grading, Inc. paving services
Santana Paving & Grading, Inc.

About Us

Santana Paving and Grading’s customers range from public facilities, parks, and schools to hospital complexes, commercial and retail facilities, gas stations and quick-serve restaurants, and even the U.S. Open 2012 Olympic Club. Stellar customer service and quality drive a successful business.

The company handles paving and concrete jobs from San Francisco, California to Carmel Valley, California. Santana’s expert team is experienced in ADA upgrades, seal coating, underground and above-ground concrete construction, paving and maintenance, sidewalk repairs, parking pads, dumpster pads, curb installation, catch basin repairs, excavation, demolition, and tennis court resurfacing.

Why Us?

Santana, a father of four, makes it a point to be present at every job, no matter how big or small. He takes pride in every job completed and strives for perfection.

Passionate about the pursuit of higher education, Santana always believes there is more to learn and improve upon in his paving and grading business, and he keeps a goal of trying to learn something new every day.

Santana Paving & Grading, Inc.

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Santana Paving & Grading can be contacted seven days a week, on nights, and on weekends to assure customer satisfaction and availability. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction in all phases of concrete installation, maintenance, and replacement. Thank you for visiting our site & we look forward to serving you!